We believe that our premium quality embroidery will give your logo or design the precision and clarity your brand deserves, for the right impression when you are at your work place, job site, that next important meeting or event. A premium finished logo on your uniforms displays to your valued clients the high standards your services provide. Showing that you don’t settle for mediocre results – and don’t provide the same…

A low quality cheap “budget” embroidered design sends out a silent message your business provides the same level service.  There IS a difference, not all embroidery is the same…

We treat EVERY logo as if it was our own, and strive to give the best result possible. Every time.

We have the latest advanced Tajima Embroidery Machines – These aligned together with our premium level digitising software, using only the highest quality threads available on the market to give superb results and a lasting quality ‘lustre’ to your branding or design.

We have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most complex of logos and designs and recreate them to the highest of standards.


We offer these high quality full colour services as alternative options and in addition to embroidery on your garments.

Many times customers require two methods of decoration to enhance their branding and we can happily advise you on the most durable and cost effective methods to suit your work wear and budget.

Sometimes logos or designs that have too much fine detail or small text to embroider effectively work best with the digital transfers or screen printing methods.

Also very large logos or designs can be very costly to set up and embroider so the alternative methods provide you with cost effective options to suit every budget.